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Client Overview

SnapShop is a recognized and influential brand in the competitive fashion industry. Known for its commitment to excellence and innovation, SnapShop has established itself as a trailblazer in the field of competitive shopping and data analysis. With a reputation for setting industry standards and staying at the forefront of fashion trends, SnapShop has earned the trust of clients and partners alike.

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Business Challenge

SnapShop was facing a significant challenge in collecting and digitizing crucial competitive shopping data. Their operations, much like their industry counterparts, heavily relied on labor-intensive manual data collection methods. This traditional approach saw their dedicated employees physically visiting retail stores, armed with old-fashioned clipboards, paper sheets, and pens to gather essential competitive shopping data. This time-consuming and resource-draining process not only hindered their efficiency but also presented formidable hurdles in the subsequent data transcription and analysis.

Recognizing the urgent need to keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry, SnapShop demonstrated a forward-thinking mindset. In their quest to modernize and revamp their data collection processes, they reached out to Copper Digital for a transformative solution. The goal was clear: SnapShop aimed to bring its data collection methods into the 21st century, harnessing the power of modern technology to streamline its competitive shopping operations and maintain its competitive edge in the fast-paced world of fashion.


We collaborated closely with SnapShop’s founders, defining a product roadmap and feature set to drive market adoption. From strategy and design to technical architecture, development, quality assurance, and support, Copper Digital created a comprehensive product suite for SnapShop.

This suite includes a multi-platform e-commerce solution with features like an integrated barcode scanner for efficient data collection, photo capture, voice notes for client presentations, and cloud data storage for instant digital report transfer. We also developed a robust reporting dashboard, making it simple for comp shoppers to present data seamlessly and beautifully to clients.



SnapShop’s vision of modernizing competitive shopping became a reality through Copper Digital’s partnership. Throughout the engagement, we became a trusted and essential team member, guiding SnapShop from strategy to support. Together, we successfully addressed a significant business problem using the power of mobility. SnapShop now enjoys increased efficiency, productivity, and revenue growth, having successfully brought competitive shopping into the 21st century.