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  • Client Overview

    Since 1967, Bueno has delighted taste buds in Abilene, TX, with their commitment to crafting fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine. With a legacy spanning nearly five decades, they stand out in an industry where many have turned to processed foods. Bueno’s unwavering dedication to its roots, crafting each dish with authentic recipes, ensures you’ll taste the difference and experience the Bueno way.

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    Business Challenge

    Taco Bueno faced a significant challenge in maintaining the quality and consistency of its food offerings and the overall cleanliness and hygiene of its kitchens and dining areas. Like many in the industry, Taco Bueno relied on manual quality assurance inspections carried out by store managers using traditional pen-and-paper checklists.

    The existing process required store managers to meticulously complete daily checklists, jotting down detailed observations about food quality, temperature, kitchen cleanliness, and dining room hygiene. These painstakingly recorded notes were then manually transferred into a desktop computer application by the same managers. The process was not only time-consuming but also highly resource-intensive, as it demanded the involvement of high-value employees.

    The business problem at hand was multi-faceted:

    Inefficiency: The reliance on pen-and-paper checklists and manual data entry was an inefficient and outdated approach. It consumed significant time and effort from store managers who could have been better utilized in their primary roles.

    Resource Wastage: Valuable managerial hours were being squandered on administrative tasks, leading to financial inefficiencies.

    Lack of Real-time Insight: The manual process failed to provide real-time insights into the quality and hygiene standards across Taco Bueno’s vast network of restaurants.

    Legal Liability: In a litigious environment, having accurate and real-time quality assurance data was crucial for protecting Taco Bueno from potential legal liabilities arising from food safety and hygiene issues.

    Inconsistent Data Handling: Manual data entry introduced the potential for human errors and inconsistencies in record-keeping, making it challenging to maintain standardized quality assurance practices.

    To overcome these challenges, Taco Bueno recognized the need to modernize its quality assurance protocols and transition to a more efficient and digitized system. This called for the implementation of innovative technology solutions to streamline the process, enhance data accuracy, and ultimately improve the guest experience while reducing operational costs. 


    To address these challenges, Taco Bueno embarked on a strategic partnership with both a mobile developer and a mobile device management (MDM) firm. They selected Copper Digital to develop a tablet-based solution for their quality assurance needs, while Air Watch was chosen to create an MDM solution to track, encrypt, and secure Taco Bueno’s fleet of tablets. This engagement required seamless collaboration and coordination among all three partners.

    Copper Digital stood out in this partnership due to its exceptional professionalism, deep understanding of enterprise requirements, and strong commitment to ensuring the success of its clients. They successfully delivered an integrated solution that effectively resolved all of Taco Bueno’s pain points.

    The Taco Bueno app introduced a revolutionary shift towards an entirely digital quality assurance process, featuring real-time tracking on a nationwide scale. This comprehensive QA process covered diverse categories such as food temperature, security, cleanliness, and more. Copper Digital designed a solution capable of capturing, analyzing, and presenting data in a meaningful and actionable manner, ensuring that employees at all levels could use it with ease. Notably, the final product seamlessly integrated with Taco Bueno’s existing legacy backend platform.



    The partnership with Copper Digital allowed Taco Bueno to achieve multiple key objectives. They successfully reduced operational costs, enhanced their QA procedures, and modernized their backend operations. These improvements translated into better guest experiences freed up valuable managerial resources to focus on core responsibilities, and significantly improved the company’s ability to protect itself from potential legal liabilities. The collaboration with Air Watch complemented these efforts, resulting in a successful solution that left all involved parties feeling proud of their accomplishments.

    In summary, Taco Bueno’s engagement with Copper Digital and Air Watch marked a transformative milestone in their quality assurance and operational efficiency. It showcased how strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology solutions can drive positive change in the quick-service restaurant industry, ultimately benefiting both the company and its customers.