Maximizing technology's potential, we build consumer-scale, omni-channel, next-gen digital solutions and healthcare apps, revolutionizing experiences for a healthier tomorrow.

    Revolutionize healthcare delivery with our world-class, custom software development services. We empower your organization to provide the best possible care by crafting innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our services go beyond streamlining workflows and patient experiences. We optimize administrative processes, improve efficiency, and lower operational costs, enabling disruptive advancements in preventive, predictive, and protective healthcare.

    Digital Capabilities

    Custom built digital solutions to support your growing business.

    Remote Patient Monitoring & Telehealth

    Enhancing patient accessibility and monitoring

    Patient Engagement Apps & Platforms

    Engaging tools for managing healthcare.

    Healthcare IT Security & Compliance

    Safeguarding patient data, meeting regulations.

    Scalable Healthcare IT Solutions

    Tailored software for medical practices' needs.

    Healthcare Data Analytics & Insights

    Analyzing trends and optimizing clinical decisions.

    Healthcare Software Development Teams

    Experts in building scalable health-tech solutions

    Our Healthcare Software Development Services

    Custom Healthcare Software

    mHealth App Development

    eLearning Platforms for Healthcare

    Electronic Health Records (EHR)

    HMS (Hospital Management System)

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

    Healthcare Analytics & Big Data

    Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

    Pharmacy Management Software

    Mental Health Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

    Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

    Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)

    Discover Our Successful Projects

    Look at our remarkable track record, featuring a collection of accomplished projects highlighting our prowess in delivering
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    Our Projects that Reciprocated Innovation and Impact

    Walking Spree Case Study

    Elevating Healthcare with Mobile App-Based Monitoring

    Built a feature-rich health monitoring app enabling users to track health metrics, set goals, and share data, fostering healthier lifestyles.
    Increase in Daily Active Users
    0 %
    Improved Health Metric Accuracy
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    Higher Goal Achievement Rate
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    PSI Logo case study

    Expanding Postpartum Support through iOS and Android Apps

    Empowered individuals and families by providing comprehensive information and support through chat services, helplines, and community groups, while prioritizing mental health and well-being during perinatal challenges.
    Rate App as User-Friendly
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    Higher User Engagement
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    Surge in App Downloads
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    Transforming Cardiovascular Emergency Care Management

    Developed an advanced Android and iOS mobile applicationMCS to empower healthcare professionals with essential knowledge, a Hemodynamics Calculator, and decision-making tools for Mechanical cardiovascular support, ultimately improving patient care.
    Increase in Accurate Coronary Interventions
    0 %
    Reduction in Cardiovascular Emergency Response Time
    0 %
    Improvement in Patient Outcomes and Survival Rates
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    Aren't you curious about the possibilities of healthcare innovation?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Healthcare digital transformation is the process of using technology to improve all aspects of healthcare delivery. As a leading healthcare digital transformation company, we at Copper Digital can help you implement solutions that enhance patient experiences, optimize workflows, improve data analysis, and ultimately deliver better care.

    Copper Digital prioritizes data security. We offer HIPAA-compliant solutions and utilize robust security protocols to safeguard patient information. We’ll work with you to ensure your systems meet all regulatory requirements.

    Absolutely! We understand the challenges of limited IT resources and offer flexible engagement models to accommodate every client’s needs.

    • Full-service management: We handle the entire project, from needs assessment and solution design to implementation, training, and ongoing support. This is ideal if you want a hands-off approach.
    • Co-managed services: We work collaboratively with your IT team, leveraging their expertise while providing additional resources and guidance.
    • Augmentation services: We supplement your IT team with specialists for specific tasks like development or system integration.

    We’ll tailor the engagement model to your existing IT capabilities and project requirements. You won’t need to overburden your team; we’ll provide the support you need for a successful digital transformation.

    Copper Digital takes a 360-degree approach to healthcare digital transformation, empowering you to revolutionize every aspect of your operations. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to:

    • Optimize present administrative processes: Streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and improve efficiency with our software solutions.
    • Enhance patient experience: Empower patients with self-service tools like patient portals and telemedicine platforms, fostering better engagement and communication.
    • Reduce operational costs – Eliminate redundancies, automate tasks, and gain valuable insights from data analytics to optimize resource allocation.
    • Drive preventive, predictive, and protective healthcare: Our healthcare software development services leverage cutting-edge technologies to enable proactive health management.

    Here are some of the specific solutions we provide:

    • Telemedicine platforms: Facilitate virtual consultations, improving accessibility and convenience for patients and healthcare providers.
    • Patient portals: Empower patients to schedule appointments, access health information, and manage their care plans.
    • Secure communication tools: Foster seamless collaboration between patients, doctors, and care teams for improved coordination.
    • Data analytics platforms: Use patient data to gain valuable insights and optimize decision-making, resource allocation, and preventive care strategies.
    • Wearable device integration: Enable remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management through integration with wearable devices.

    And many more…  We don’t stop there! We work collaboratively to understand your unique needs and develop custom healthcare solutions that propel your healthcare organization toward a future-proof digital landscape.

    The cost of developing a healthcare app can vary significantly depending on several factors, including:

    • App complexity: Simple appointment scheduling app development will have lower costs compared to feature-rich telemedicine platforms with video conferencing, appointment reminders, and integration with medical devices.
    • Security requirements: Apps handling sensitive patient data require robust security measures, impacting development time and cost.
    • Development team location: Hourly rates for developers can vary depending on their location.
    • Platform (iOS vs Android): Developing for both iOS and Android typically costs more than choosing a single platform.

    At Copper Digital, we understand healthcare app development costs can vary. To get a more accurate estimate for your project, let’s discuss your specific needs. Our healthcare mobile app development experts can provide a tailored quote based on your app’s features, complexity, and security requirements.

    Here’s a ballpark range to give you a general idea:

    • Basic healthcare app development (appointment scheduling, medication reminders) starts from $50,000
    • Mid-complexity healthcare app development (telemedicine with video chat, patient data) starts from $120,000 

    Complex healthcare app development (advanced telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, integrations) costs $200,000+

    The ROI of a healthcare digital transformation project can be substantial. Here are some key areas where you can expect to see a positive return:

    • Improved operational efficiency: Streamlined workflows, reduced administrative burden, and better resource allocation lead to cost savings.
    • Reduced costs: Lower operational expenses, improved billing accuracy, and potential for new revenue streams through innovative services.
    • Increased patient satisfaction: Enhanced patient experience with features like telemedicine, appointment scheduling tools, and secure communication platforms.
    • Better health outcomes: Improved preventive care, remote patient monitoring, and data-driven decision-making for better clinical outcomes.

    At Copper Digital, we go beyond just implementing solutions. We partner with you to quantify the potential ROI of your digital transformation project.  Our healthcare software development experts can help you identify key metrics, analyze data, and develop a clear roadmap to measure the success of your investment.

    Ready to unlock the potential of digital transformation for your healthcare organization?  Schedule a free consultation with our business transformation consultants at Copper Digital today.

    Our healthcare software development experts will:

    • Gain a deep understanding of your unique challenges and goals.
    • Walk you through our proven 360-degree digital transformation approach.
    • Showcase how our custom healthcare software development services can revolutionize your operations.
    • Craft a personalized roadmap to achieve your digital healthcare vision.

    By partnering with Copper Digital, you gain a trusted advisor to guide your journey toward a future-proof digital healthcare landscape.  Contact us today, and let’s transform the way you deliver care.