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Michael Peterson has been involved in the R&D and Product Development process for over 35 years, playing key roles in introducing innovative products. He is currently the Principal Partner in Mozero Consulting, supporting companies needing product development and project management insight.

Previously he was with Merz Aesthetics, serving as VP & Chief Technology Officer for the Merz Device Innovation Center.

He was the Vice President of R&D at Ulthera, Inc. before Merz acquired it in 2014. Mike has spent the last 20 years in the medical device space after leading R&D, Product Development, and Project Management functions in various industries, including aerospace, semi-conductor, and retail products.

He was the VP of R&D when Select Comfort (AIRB) went public in 1998 and has been recognized as a “Distinguished Corporate Inventor” by the American Society of Patent Holders due to his product patents in multiple industries. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace & Mechanics from the University of Minnesota.

He also sits on the Board of Directors for Cytrellis, Inc., a medical device start-up.