In today's complex software environment, marked by diverse architectures, environments, integrations, and devices, a standardized automation approach is essential, guarantees reusability, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

At Copper Digital, we're more than just an automation testing service provider – we're your trusted partner in your automation journey. With our extensive experience, we're a team of passionate innovators dedicated to setting and surpassing the highest standards of excellence.

Our commitment goes beyond testing; we craft exceptional digital solutions. We redefine testing and automation to ensure your product not only competes but dominates the market. We don't just find bugs; we uncover opportunities for improvement, keeping your digital solutions ahead of the curve.
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Our Comprehensive Quality Assurance Services

On Device Testing

Our On-Device quality assurance and testing services ensures flawless software performance on various devices and configurations. We verify compatibility across different screen sizes and operating systems so your users enjoy a seamless experience on their chosen devices.

Automated Testing

Streamline your testing process and reduce development time and costs with our automation testing services. We leverage advanced automation tools to systematically identify and resolve issues, helping you bring your products to market faster and with improved quality.

Visual QA

Create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces with confidence using our Visual QA consulting services. We meticulously evaluate every aspect of your user interface to ensure it meets design standards and enhances the overall user experience.

User Acceptance Testing

Simulate real-world user interactions and validate that your software aligns perfectly with user requirements through our user acceptance testing service. We work closely with you to define acceptance criteria and execute test cases, ensuring your product meets user expectations and performs flawlessly.

QA Consulting

Optimize your quality assurance processes with the guidance of our experienced quality assurance consultants. We collaborate with you to identify areas for improvement, implement best practices, and enhance your overall QA strategy, ensuring long-term success and quality excellence.

Interested in Streamlining your Processes with Testing and Automation?


How Copper Digital Excels in Testing and Automation

Experience a new level of efficiency with our expert quality assurance and testing services.

Expertise and Experience

We stand out due to our wealth of expertise and extensive experience in testing and automation. Our professionals have successfully tackled various projects, from small-scale applications to enterprise-level software. With years of industry-specific knowledge, we possess the insights to tailor testing strategies to your unique challenges, ensuring optimal results.

Comprehensive Service Portfolio

Our extensive service portfolio is one of our major strengths. Copper Digital offers a wide array of testing and automation services, from on-device testing to visual QA and agile testing process integration. This versatility means you can meet all your quality assurance needs under one roof, streamlining project management and reducing the need for multiple vendors.

Cutting-Edge Automation Tools

We embrace the latest automation technology at Copper Digital. Our cutting-edge automation tools and methodologies ensure efficient testing processes, quicker issue detection, and significant cost savings. By leveraging automation, we not only enhance the speed and accuracy of testing but also empower your development teams to focus on innovation.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize your success. Our client-centric approach means we take the time to understand your specific requirements, objectives, and constraints. Whether you require quick turnaround times, cost-effective solutions, or a meticulous focus on design elements, we customize our services to align perfectly with your goals.


Our Projects that Reciprocated Innovation and Impact

A Secure and Feature-rich Digital Wallet

We developed the FuturePay iOS application, a secure digital wallet for Future Group, enabling seamless mobile payments and offering features like instant OTP, geo-location, transaction tracking, and price matching.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Software testing is crucial as it helps identify defects or issues in the software, ensuring its quality and reliability. It reduces the risk of critical failures, improves user experience, and ultimately saves time and resources by addressing issues early in the development lifecycle.

Manual testing involves human testers who execute test cases without the use of automation tools. Automated testing, on the other hand, utilizes software tools to execute predefined test cases and compare actual outcomes with expected results. Automation is faster and more efficient for repetitive testing tasks.

Test automation offers benefits such as faster test execution, increased test coverage, repeatability, and the ability to catch defects early in the development cycle. It also allows for regression testing, ensuring that new updates do not break existing functionality.

Automation is suitable for various testing types, including regression testing, functional testing, load testing, and performance testing. It is particularly effective for repetitive tasks and scenarios that require a high level of accuracy.

Automation accelerates the testing process, leading to faster releases and reduced time-to-market. It minimizes human error, increases test coverage, and provides quicker feedback to developers, allowing for faster issue resolution.

While test automation is beneficial for most projects, its suitability depends on factors like project size, complexity, and budget. Smaller projects with limited resources may benefit more from manual testing, while larger, more complex projects can significantly benefit from test automation.