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About The Episode

In this podcast episode featuring Arvind Sarin, CEO & Chairman of Copper Digital, and Drew Ben-Aharon, Chief Revenue Officer of Great Speech Inc., the conversation revolves around the challenges and opportunities in expanding therapeutic practices, particularly in North America. The discussion highlights concerns about allowing therapists to practice outside their home country and the potential impact on quality control and assurance. The speakers emphasize the need to evaluate and prioritize quality over other considerations when it comes to global expansion. For a deeper understanding of their insights, listen to the full podcast episode.

Key Takeaway

  • They delve into the use of AI and explore how advancements in these areas transcend geographical boundaries and contribute to chronic condition management and healthcare cost reduction.
  • The episode also touches on communication disorders, acknowledging their relevance in the evolving landscape of telehealth.
  • Drew Ben-Aharon draws parallels to the demand for instantaneous services, akin to Amazon Prime, and how people now prefer virtual interactions, showcasing the need for innovative therapy solutions.
  • The speakers discuss the role of therapeutic technology, including asynchronous communication and AI-driven discussions, in the future of telehealth.
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About The Podcast Guest

Drew Ben-Aharon, Chief Growth Officer and Product Development at Great Speech Inc., brings over 30 years of experience in executive sales, corporate operations, and human capital management. His background includes a pivotal role at MDLIVE, a leading telehealth company, where he led sales for both Enterprise and health plan for over a decade.

Passionate about leveraging technology in healthcare, Drew has been a consultant for Great Speech since its inception. The company provides virtual speech therapy services across 47 states. Drew’s responsibilities include overseeing enterprise and health plan sales in the U.S., resulting in national contracts with top-level health plans. Additionally, he manages affinity and voluntary telehealth plan designs for under and uninsured markets, collaborating with Managing General Underwriters and resellers. Drew holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Marketing and an MBA in Finance, contributing actively to non-profit organizations and local charities in South Florida, where he resides with his family.

About The Host

Arvind Sarin, the CEO and Chairman of Copper Digital, is not just a visionary leader but also an avid travel enthusiast. He holds an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin, bringing a strong academic foundation to his illustrious career. With over 14 years of expertise in digital transformation, Arvind has led Copper Digital to remarkable success, creating over 1200 digital solutions and guiding 700+ enterprises through transformative journeys. Beyond business, his passion for exploration has taken him to more than 46 countries, fostering a global perspective that infuses creativity and adaptability into his leadership style.

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