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    About The Episode

    In this engaging podcast, Arvind Sarin, CEO & Chairman of Copper Digital, and Jeremy Holloway, Founder & CEO of Tellegacy, share tech trends and insights into the transformative role of technology in healthcare. A key revelation emerges regarding the vital need for healthcare digital transformation wherein students engage with older adults, given that 80% of their future clientele will be comprised of the aging baby boomer population. The discussion highlights the potential of technology and digital solutions to enhance resilience in healthcare staff, countering burnout and addressing the vulnerabilities of older adults. Holloway advocates for a more human-centered approach, emphasizing the importance of fostering cross-cultural communication and appreciating diversity in the healthcare workforce.

    One intriguing aspect of the conversation revolves around the fear of job displacement due to artificial intelligence. Holloway challenges the notion that the goal of emerging tech, such as machine learning, AI, or humans, should be solely focused on intelligence, emphasizing the importance of values, social skills, and meaningful connections. The podcast episode navigates through the intersection of innovation in technology and humanity, stressing the need for future technology to serve humans and contribute to a more compassionate, inclusive healthcare culture. As the discussion concludes, the audience is encouraged to delve deeper into the podcast, exploring the nuanced perspectives on AI, technology, and their profound impact on healthcare and society at large.

    About The Podcast Guest

    Jeremy Holloway PhD is a TEDx Speaker, Assistant Professor and Director of Geriatric Education at the University of North Dakota. The focus of his research is concentrated on the social determinants of health, specifically self-efficacy, connectedness, and resiliency of older adults. Dr. Holloway developed a curriculum focused on intergenerational programs that include growth mindset, reminiscence therapy, mindfulness, guided imagery, and S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting practices to nourish internal qualities and self-agency of older adults. These best practices for wellness & health promotion address needs related to loneliness and social isolation. Dr. Holloway is also an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially regarding Social Determinants of Health for all peoples. 

    About The Host

    Arvind Sarin, the CEO and Chairman of Copper Digital, is not just a visionary leader but also an avid travel enthusiast. He holds an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin, bringing a strong academic foundation to his illustrious career. With over 13 years of expertise in digital transformation, Arvind has led Copper Digital to remarkable success, creating over 1200 digital solutions and guiding 700+ enterprises through transformative journeys. Beyond business, his passion for exploration has taken him to more than 46 countries, fostering a global perspective that infuses creativity and adaptability into his leadership style.

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