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    About The Episode

    In this episode of the HealthTech Trends 2024 series, Arvind Sarin, CEO & Chairman of Copper Digital, engages in a compelling discussion with Charles Lathram, CEO of Galen Medical Group. Together, they offer a profound exploration into the current healthcare landscape with the emergence of technology in healthcare and the transformative initiatives implemented by Galen. Charles eloquently details how Galen strategically integrates technology, such as telemedicine solutions and data-driven insights, to optimize patient care and stay ahead in the industry. The episode not only provides a snapshot of Galen’s innovative health tech applications but also serves as a forward-looking guide for professionals eager to understand the dynamic interplay between AI in healthcare, remote patient monitoring, and technology in healthcare in 2024.

    A significant portion of the conversation focuses on the pressing challenges within the healthcare sector. Arvind Sarin and Charles Lathram delve into the shortage of doctors and nurses, emphasizing the critical need for addressing workforce deficits. Moreover, they discuss the evolving commercialization of healthcare, offering insights into the delicate balance between delivering quality patient care and navigating the commercial aspects of the industry.

    Additionally, the discussion involved nuances of automation and how new advances in healthcare technology, including remote patient monitoring, can all help in giving better patient care. This candid exploration of future trends in healthcare adds depth to the episode, providing listeners with a holistic understanding of the complexities and opportunities within the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. For a comprehensive dive into these insightful healthcare trends conversations, watch the full episode now!

    About The Podcast Guest

    Charles “Charlie” Lathram, with a stellar 30-year career in healthcare management, currently serves as the CEO of Galen Medical Group in Chattanooga, TN. Leading 184 providers and 800+ employees across 37 locations, Charlie has overseen substantial growth, expanding providers from 78 to 184 and boosting net revenue from $60 million to over $105 million in just five years. His journey began at age 21, managing an ophthalmology practice, and by 26, he led a 16-provider ob-gyn practice. A pioneer in healthcare technology, Charlie implemented Galen’s first electronic medical records system in 1998, contributing to the development of one of Alabama’s first ASP EMR offerings. His transformative leadership continues to shape Galen’s success and innovation in the healthcare landscape.

    About The Host

    Arvind Sarin, the CEO and Chairman of Copper Digital, is not just a visionary leader but also an avid travel enthusiast. He holds an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin, bringing a strong academic foundation to his illustrious career. With over 13 years of expertise in digital transformation, Arvind has led Copper Digital to remarkable success, creating over 1200 digital solutions and guiding 700+ enterprises through transformative journeys. Beyond business, his passion for exploration has taken him to more than 46 countries, fostering a global perspective that infuses creativity and adaptability into his leadership style.

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