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Transform your business model and create a hybrid cloud strategy to fuel agility and business growth. Our managed cloud services allow businesses to tap into the power of cloud computing, including migration, optimisation, configuration, and maintenance. Our collaborative approach enables us to partner with our clients in determining, creating, and enabling exponential technologies to innovate and benefit from the digital-first transformation journey with hybrid, multi-cloud, or hyper scale models. We reskill and up skill to fix issues, architect, build and manage solutions to modernise further, secure, and deploy applications and infrastructures.

End-to-End Managed Cloud Services

Strengthen your business through Cloud migration, optimization, security, and other transformational capabilities.


Migrating some or all data centre capabilities into the cloud-based infrastructure


Eliminating cloud resource waste by selecting, provisioning, and right-sizing the resources.


Intrusion detection, firewall management, and oversight of cloud network.


Setting hardware and software details for elements of a cloud environment to ensure that they can interoperate and communicate.

Cloud Solutioning Hyperscalers

As a trusted partner and a hyperscaler, we believe in going up and beyond from providing just the cloud-only services. We believe in value creation, and thus, with our cloud adoption and methodologies, we use a plethora of exponential toolkits and cloud solutions hyperscalers to improve, innovate, and redefine.

Cloud Computing Deployment Models

The way you employ, manage, and drive your cloud infrastructure defines which cloud deployment model you use. Determining which model to implement is the first step to your cloud deployment.

Public Cloud

Multi-tenant Architecture

Pay-as-you-go pricing model

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud

Private Cloud

Single Tenant Architecture

Provides Complete Security

On-Premises Hardware

Cloud Infrastructure directly controlled

Hybrid Cloud

Benefits of both Public & Private

Cloud Bursting Capabilities

CD Cloud Expertise

Streamline and orchestrate cloud solutions with over a decade of proven expertise in Copper Digital.

From Problems to Solutions

Complete Automation to deliver value

Rapid cloud

Enhanced Compliance standards & security features

Agility and Scalability with the public, private, and hybrid environments

Effective Resource Utilization


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Frequently asked Questions

Find quick answer to frequent questions asked by customers

Managed cloud services are services that offer partial or complete management of a client’s cloud resources or infrastructure. These managed cloud service provider’s responsibilities can include migration, configuration, optimization, security, maintaining, and maintenance.

So, if you are planning to partner with a global recognized managed cloud services provider, following questions can help smoothen out the transformation processes in a better way.

  • How do I know if cloud is right for my business?
  • How do I develop a cloud strategy?
  • What do I need to prepare for the cloud?
  • What workloads can I move to the cloud?
  • What type of security parameters does the clod have in place?
  • Is cloud safe?

Partnering with a top-notch managed cloud service provider can help in a lot many unimaginable ways such as predictable low costs, scalability, minimized downtime, narrowed business focus, data compliance, reliable partnerships, reduced risk, 24/7 assistance, new technology upgrade,

Businesses are already incorporating Managed Cloud Services as a part of their IT Strategy. It is believed that 76% of businesses are migrating because of its remarkable benefits such as cost reduction, greater flexibility and efficiency, improved speed to market, and increased security and compliance. Managed cloud services basically expand or upgrade systems which further smoothens out the processes resulting in better efficiency.

There are three main deployment models of cloud services : Public, Private, and Hybrid. Each of these cloud deployment models may have a different deployment time depending on the mentioned setup.

Moving to Cloud services and solutions is a crucial part of the Digital Transformation of any small, medium, or large business. In fact, migrating to Cloud services can help accelerate business transformation strategy, its growth, scalability, flexibility, faster time to market, better collaboration, cost savings, advanced security, data loss prevention, etc.

Public cloud is cloud computing that’s delivered via the internet and shared across organizations, Private cloud is cloud computing that is dedicated solely to a organization and Hybrid cloud is any environment that uses both public and private clouds.