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With Client-Centric Problem Solving Approach & Keeping Tech-Excellence at the Core, We Deliver Digital Transformation Solutions that make Business Sense.

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Digital transformation leverages new-age technologies to build & modernize the business models, processes, culture, and customer experiences for empowering enterprises to stay ahead in today's competitive market. Our end-to-end well-crafted Digital Transformation Services bridge the gap between a path-breaking idea and greater possibilities to help clients navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and deliver value. With a decade plus experience & expertise, we are your go-to team to harness the power of Digital Transformation & ensure operational efficiency, rich customer experience, workflow automation, and revenue growth are successfully achieved.

Digital Transformation Services


Digital Transformation Consulting

The first step is always getting a comprehensive understanding of your business, requirements, market dynamics, competition and it’s covered in – Discovery Phase. We work closely with our clients, be highly consultative, brainstorm & narrow down the problem pointers like true advisors.

The Copper Digital Certified Digital Transformation Consultants ensure every aspect of your business challenge & client’s solution vision is well understood and documented for the next phase.


Digital Transformation Strategy

After an in-depth Discovery, Our experts focus on developing a client-centric Digital Transformation Strategy in collaboration with you. Business operations are re-imagined, legacy systems are re-invented, data becomes the core of decision-making, and the customer journey is revamped, focusing on Mobile, Web, and Cloud Operations.

Our Digital Transformation solution will aim to solve all your business pain points and deliver the business ROI that you target to achieve. It acts as a long-term enterprise solution that works to modernize business’ all important 4Ps – People, Processes, Products & Profits.


Digital Transformation Solutions

A strategy at the enterprise scale needs to be backed by the right technology framework and a mature development process. Our team of creative thinkers, experienced & certified programmers, and QA masters ensure the solution is implemented successfully as strategized, on time & every time.

We utilize agile methodologies & new-age disruptive technologies to develop the best-fit digital transformation framework for your organization that yields multiple benefits.

The Digital Transformation framework developed by our experts automates the manual processes, boosts business efficiency & profitability, replaces legacy systems with data-driven powerful applications, and allows your workforce to be more connected, collaborative & productive.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions Include

Enterprise Business Restructuring

Managed Product Development

Legacy System Modernization

Mobile & Web App Development

Cloud & DevOps

Big Data & Analytics

Testing & Automation


Digital Transformation Delivered

As part of our Digital Transformation solution roadmap, deployment is the next mechanism where processes, applications, patches, modules, and enhancements are delivered to clients. Our proven testing strategy aims to address all kinds of stability, load & stress, compatibility, and vulnerability issues.

Each line of code, customer interaction, dashboard, data flow & accuracy is reviewed thoroughly by our QA masters to ensure that digital transformation platforms work seamlessly. A series of handover sessions with client teams ensure digital transformation platforms are effectively implemented & utilized by the enterprises.

Our Digital Transformation solution will aim to solve all your business pain points and deliver the business ROI that you target to achieve. It acts as a long-term enterprise solution that works to modernize business’ all important 4Ps – People, Processes, Products & Profits.

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Frequently asked Questions

Find quick answer to frequent questions asked by customers

Transformation is about more than implementing technology and tools. It is also about exploring the challenges that came the way. The following are the common roadblocks that any enterprise can encounter during the transformation journey.

  • Lack of Expertise
  • Internal Team Resistance
  • No competitors study availed
  • Unable to understand the ever-changing market and consumer expectations
  • Unidentified business goal
  • Ignoring Digital Adoption and jumping too fast on Digital Transformation
  • No awareness of the new technologies and methodologies
  • Giving up too early on quality

Digital transformation is not a finite piece of a business goal. It continually undergoes innovation and evolution. Following are a few common trends that can help you adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

  • 5G and IoT
  • Web 3.0
  • Zero-Trust Security Data Fabric
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Low Code Platforms
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • HyperAutomation
  • AR Cloud
  • XaaS
  • Hybrid workplace

Digital Transformation uses digital technologies to create new or modify processes and services. The following are the key areas of Digital Transformation:

  • Process Transformation
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Domain Transformation
  • Cultural/Organizational Transformation

Cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), Digital twins, Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Augmented reality, virtual reality, Extended Reality (AR/VR/ER), Blockchain, etc., are the standard technologies that transform and digitize your enterprise.

How much it costs to develop an ecommerce app will be feasible once you understand the factors affecting it. Some of the factors are App Platform, App Design, App Size, App Developers, Testing and deployment costs, etc