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Mobile apps aren’t just apps; they’re solutions to business problems. Apps have transformed how businesses & humans connect, collaborate, and accelerate, offering massive growth & exposure opportunities. Copper Digital offers six yet integrated services that span the entire mobile solution development cycle. From business strategy, and design, to developing mobile solutions with ongoing support, Copper Digital offers every service necessary to build apps that make business sense.

Our Mobile Solution Offerings

Custom Mobile & Web App Development - Android & iOS


After we have an in-depth discussion about your business, your industry, your strengths, and your challenges, we will work together with you to develop a strategy. The ideal solution might be a single mobile app or an integrated technology solution with many intricate parts working harmoniously.


Once we know what problem we’re trying to solve, the next step is to ensure anyone a) keeps using your solution and b) will suggest it to their colleagues. As such, we have assembled a team of design gurus, purpose-built to ensure your solutions are innovative, intuitive, and engaging.


Once we have a good idea of how users will interact with your business or solution, we then design all of the technical specifications for the application. We work with each level of your team to ensure every possible use case is taken into account while we’re planning the technical design of the application.


This is exactly what it sounds like. After we’ve decided on a strategy and designed the solution’s user interface and technical architecture, we have to develop a mobile solution that makes business sense.


Exhaustive testing is the key to a smooth rollout. The harder you push your solution in testing, the more likely you’ll catch any glitches or bugs before game time. We don’t wait until the end of development to test each feature only to find out there’s a problem with each step.


A mobile solution is not a finite piece of software that we drop off for our clients once we’ve finished developing and testing it. We offer deployment assistance to ensure our clients’ solutions get the buy-in and adoption they deserve, with ongoing support to help our clients continually improve their existing solutions.

Step Ahead with Our Mobile Expertise

Every App decodes how businesses engage with their customers, and we bring our 12 years+ of expertise to help clients implement a robust mobile strategy. We help build innovative solutions that drive profitability, inspire loyalty, and build a stronger bond with end users. Our vastly experienced team crafts solutions from native, hybrid, and pwa to cross-platform mobile app technologies as per your requirements.

iOS App Development

At Copper Digital, we Design, Develop & Deliver iOS apps with superior performance, rich user experience & interactive features. iOS apps are scalable, safe, & add to business profitability because of their massive high-end global audience.

You Ideate it & Our Copper Digital Champions will Create it, end-to-end. We have delivered everything from iPhone App Development and iPad App Development to Apps for Apple TV or Apple Smartwatch.

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Android App Development Solutions

One of the most go-to native mobile app development technologies with tremendous reach & rapidly growing adoption worldwide. We at Copper Digital aim to utilize our expertise and address clients’ business challenges with full-cycle custom android app development. Our ace experts build visually awesome, feature-loaded, customer-centric android apps to give your business the wings it always needs.

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Cross Platform App Development Solutions

Faster time to market, Cost efficiency, and Multi-Mobile Platform Compatibility make cross-platform development the most feasible option for businesses globally. Our technology champs master the skill of cross-platform development and empower businesses of all scales with awe-inspiring cross-platform apps.

With Single Code Base & Flexibility to launch on major platforms like iOs, Android, and Windows in one go, it helps businesses unlock mobility’s true power in a quick time.

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Progressive Web App Development Solutions

Future-proof, Cost-effective, and Easy to implement; Progressive web app development makes a business future-ready via its cutting-edge technology. This next-gen app solution provides seamless and interactive enhancement across multiple devices and browsers.

Revolutionising businesses across verticals, PWAs have led to a stark rise in business revenues, interactivity at lightning speed, and carefully curated delightful user experiences.

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Frequently asked Questions

Find quick answer to frequent questions asked by customers

There are basically three types of mobile apps: Native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps. Native apps are developed for use on a specific platform or device, Web apps are the responsiveness of websites that can work on mobile devices, and lastly, Hybrid apps are combinations of native and web apps.

Apps have gained momentum, especially after Covid-19. The cost of the mobile app is dependent on facts like the App platform i.e Android or iOS, app size, design, developers, support and maintenance, and third-party integrations.

There are compelling pros and cons between all three platforms – Android, iOs, and windows. The right app mostly depends on business goals and the target audience. Android is best when you are planning to extend your demographic with minimum resources, iOS is the choice when you are targeting an audience that cares about design and reliability, and Windows are perfect when you are planning to stand out using Microsoft platforms.

The duration of any mobile app development completely depends on its scope, size, design, and platform.

Once the idea is devised, outsourcing a mobile app development can help you save money and time. In fact, it can give you access to expertise, the latest tools, and technologies, faster time to market, and flexibility, all with expertise and a whole new level of experience.

Of course! In fact, our team of experts is just a call away! With our decades of experience and expertise, we are focusing on building relationships with enterprise opportunities in all verticals. We aim to be the Most Trusted Digital Transformation Services Provider for Enterprise Businesses globally & make the world Future-Ready.