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Business Problem

Datascan enables retailers to physically count their inventories without having to hire expensive third-party providers to conduct those counts for them. Through a suite of on-demand, self-scan solutions, Datascan supports 60,000+ client counts scanning millions of item identifiers annually. The system collates, displays and enables data for many of the largest retailers in North America.

In late 2012, Datascan wanted to redesign its core product, completely reimagining its handheld scanner hardware, scanner application and web management console to take advantage of mobile architectural scalability, upgradability and overall best practices.


Datascan’s internal development team took responsibility for the hardware and web management console, but Copper Digital built the entire mobile app suite, including architecture, software and hardware integration, user interface, user experience and data reporting.

Copper Digital designed and developed the DART Self-Scan Suite to run on the latest Android platform to improve scalability and upgradability. By working seamlessly with Datascan’s internal development team, Copper Digital could ensure the backend systems, web console and mobile solution meshed together immediately upon launch.

Datascan was able to achieve an immense level of control over DART through Copper Digital’s configuration file solution, which enabled on-demand, dynamic deployment of configurations, file updates and feature sets.
The large data load presented Copper Digital with another hurdle, which it solved through a series of algorithms to optimize performance and maximize responsiveness to improve the user experience.

Tech Stack


Copper Digital and Datascan completely reinvented Datascan’s core product with the DART Self-Scan Suite. The configuration file solution eliminated much of the previous core product’s deficiencies, nixing the requirement to send the handheld scanners back to Datascan for client-specific customizations — this reduced overhead by almost 65 percent.

Likewise, since DART’s launch, Datascan’s clients have enjoyed significant productivity gains, reporting labor cost savings of up to 25 percent. Through its enterprise expertise, Copper Digital was able to benefit both Datascan and its clients, solving business problems and increasing real-world returns through an intuitive, seamless solution. That’s real ROI.

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