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Business Problem

Most people are looking for the easiest and most efficient ways to contact customer care. With the ubiquitous world of internet available to the audience at all times it comes down to customer experience. Customers today expect to receive an always-on personal digital experience. And, meeting that expectation is no longer optional.

In 2016, Gannett wanted to redesign its customer care solution, completely reimagining its chat application to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to improve coverage and efficiency.


The underlying objective of the project is to redesign the chat application with a modern designing approach and ensure compatibility with multiple web platforms that are mobile responsive. Copper Mobile redesigned and built an end-to-end chat application for Gannet that is intuitive, usable and engaging. As the first step, it was critical to gather all information regarding the existing design and garner a thorough understanding of the client’s expectations. Design thinking techniques were used in capacities to generate and synthesize ideas. Modifications were made to the header section to make it look intuitive and attractive for web browsers and mobile devices. Font style and font weight was modified and the send button was replaced with the send icon. The new design was given to the developer for writing CSS code for the same. After successfully delivering Phase 1 with UI changes, based on the ongoing discussion with Gannett, a draft of high-level process flow was created for Phase 2 that mapped strings of message ‘type’ to trigger events. A notification is sent to the receiver as soon as either of the two parties start typing. After successfully completing first 2 phases the project has entered its 3rd phase in 2017.

Tech Stack


Copper Digital integrated the chat solution into multiple browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Mac OS), Safari for iPad2, iPad Mini, iPad with Retina Display, Safari Mobile for latest iPhone and Chrome for mobile. The UI of the chat application is clean and simple, to ensure that nothing distracts from the chat experience. On-boarding was kept to a minimum, with a focus on establishing interaction between the user and the Chatbot, and utilizing the chat to obtain the necessary information from the user. The chat application gives the user a set of predetermined responses to the chatbot’s dialogue. This mitigates the risk of misunderstanding within the chat and creates a better user experience.

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