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Our Client Hi-Line Inc. is a nationwide distributor of industrial maintenance, repair and management of supplies. They operate fully stocked mobile industrial hardware stores, which bring mechanical, electrical connectors, hydraulic, and chemical items to business and work sites.

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Business Problem

Their product catalog of parts that they offer to their customers continues to grow, with access to over 100,000+ parts and it requires them to continuously re-print new supplementary catalog to distribute to their customers throughout the year. They had tried interactive PDFs, along with their website and did not find them as fast or responsive as they needed them to be. Further, many of their clients work in remote areas or buildings that have limited cell service or WiFi and so they needed an app that could get their products into the hands of their customers that worked both online as well as offline.


Hi-Line provided all of the information for their products, the images and the descriptions, as well as the how-to videos, knowledge-based websites, and promotional items. We worked with them on how to dynamically organize and streamline the complete category hierarchy, so that everything on the client’s end was ready for the Copper Digital team to do what they do best. Our Client needed Android and iOS apps for their entire catalog bundled-in with the ability to synchronize it over-the-air in real-time as it continues to change. Copper Digital constituted a well-rounded project team of Scrum Master, Mobile Strategist, UI/UX Designers, Backend Architect, Quality Assurance Engineers and Top mobile app developers. Copper Digital team created two native apps and a third one – a Web-based Admin panel for management of the former two apps.

Tech Stack


Copper Digital completed the mobile apps earlier than expected to launch and showcase at their company’s annual event. The mobile apps continue to serve the Hi-line Customers better than any of their previous methods. The mobile apps enabled their customers to find products faster including the ones they didn’t even know that Hi-line carried. Having their materials at the ready has made a tremendous difference in how they operate and the next level of service that their customers deserve.

The App has also enabled more visibility to promotional specials, along with making it easier for their customers to get in touch with their local Territory Manager. The app has been faster than searching for something in the paper catalog, and it’s 8-10 times faster than using the interactive PDF or website, as it allows Barcode Scan search alongside Voice and Text search across various parameters of millions of SKUs. Saving the printing and paper based costs have yielded bottom-line results as well as reducing the carbon footprint to promote environment friendliness as the icing on the cake. That’s what we call a result to be proud of!


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Copper Digital's mobile apps surpassed previous methods, enabling Hi-line customers to easily find products, even those they didn't know were available, resulting in improved operations and enhanced customer service.

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