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Business Problem

Competitive shopping provides vital data for consumer goods companies and retailers alike. Retailers need to know how competitors are displaying similar or competitive products much as consumer goods companies want to know how retailers are promoting its wares. In order to collect this data, companies send valuable employees into the stores several times a year, armed with a clipboard, printed excel sheets and a pen. After spending multiple hours in the store, the comp shoppers must then transcribe that data into the computer, expending yet more expensive hours.


SnapShop surveyed multiple potential partners and chose Copper Digital to digitize the entire comp shopping process. We met with SnapShop’s founders to define the product roadmap and necessary feature set to ensure the solution would achieve market adoption. From strategy to design, technical architecture to development, quality assurance to support, Copper Digital developed the entire product suite for SnapShop.

This included a mobile app with integrated barcode scanner to pre-populate data fields for comp shoppers, integrated photo capture and voice notes for use in client presentations, as well as cloud data storage to instantly transfer the reports into a digital format. Finally, Copper Digital built a robust reporting dashboard allowing comp shoppers to present their data to clients seamlessly and beautifully with no added effort.

Tech Stack


SnapShop wanted to bring comp shopping into the 21st century — Copper Digital made that vision a reality. Throughout the engagement, Copper Digital became a trusted partner and indispensable team member; we guided our client from the strategy phase through the design, development, testing, launch and support stages. SnapShop identified a major business problem; together with Copper Digital, we were able to solve it using the power of mobility.

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