With the evolution of enterprise apps, business operations have undergone a pivotal change. The applications have added to employee efficiency and enhanced productivity of the business. Therefore, most organizations have started investing their time and money in building enterprise mobile applications for both employees and customers.

Statistical figures prove that enterprise apps are gaining speed. A recent research confirmed that 50%organizations have decided to deploy at least 10 enterprise apps within the next few years. .

Apart from introducing a stress-free work life, enterprise apps have also introduced a new concept called BYOD (Bring your own device) into the corporate structure. Using this, employees get access to organizations data under a very secure network so that employees can also use personalized data.

Important Facts about Mobile Enterprise App Development

Customized Apps According to Your Needs

Firstly, you must identify why you need an enterprise app for your company. Simply building a mobile app because your competitor has it will not serve the purpose. It should solve a genuine problem or provide a business solution or make tasks simpler.

You can consult a mobile app development company for this to come up with a business solution that will benefit your organization. Once, you have the scope of work, it is highly recommended that you go for a custom application that is built according to your requirements. It helps in establishing your brand and dealing with different sets of clients.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Prioritizing the User Experience (UX)

The aim of developing a mobile app is to satisfy the end user by offering optimal solution to their problems. As such, User Experience holds a very important position in case of enterprise apps. The device or gadget for which is it being built is not as important as the features in the application.

The Advancement of Mobile Computing Technology

There has been huge transformation with respect to functionality and user experience in smartphones. One can say that this change is largely due to mobile computing technology and mobiles have become smarter.

Currently, app developers also have the luxury of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has further enhanced  technology. The initiation of Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant have proved to a great asset in improving the productivity, efficiency of the employees and offering the best in class user experience to the targeted audiences.

App Availability Concerns for the Developers

Most organizations are employing a range of operating systems and different internet connectivity systems for accessing computer services. Therefore, app availability is always a concern for the developers.

Mobile app developers conduct a number of internet connectivity tests for various applications which includes wired, broadband, hotspot, 3G, 4G, LTE and bluetooth.

The enterprise apps should necessarily have some storage facilities and updates regarding connectivity especially when there is no or limited internet access and you cannot lower the performance.

Security Related Issues for Enterprise Apps

Since a large group of people are accessing the same enterprise data, there is a possibility of confidential data being exposed. So, for the purpose of security of the enterprise apps there are a few options that one can use including authentication code or use encryptions to store passwords.


Enterprise application is among the newest technological innovation that most of the business enterprises are banking upon. As such there can be numerous uses of an enterprise app and the developer must focus on customer support, content management, email marketing, payment processing and so on. You also need to address the security concerns and also test the internet connectivity for accessing the data. Get in touch with Copper Mobile if you are looking for a mobile app company to build your enterprise application.