You may have heard people discussing about User Interface and User Experience of a mobile app. These are the two elements that make a mobile app perfect. Any application that does not consider these while designing will fail to impress the users.

To design flawless applications, one must understand the difference between the two terms. User Experience (UX) is the overall experience of a person using your app in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use it. It also includes all aspects of the interaction between the user and the application.

The User Interface (UI) of an application is the look and feel of a mobile application. The UI is mainly focused on the presentation of the mobile app.. Since app users are preferably looking for easy and quick navigation that solves real problems with less touch and interaction, it is important for mobile app development companies to understand the importance of UI/UX design.

A stunning app design in a combination of UI and UX because User Interface(UI) explores how a user interacts with the app and how the app looks and User Experience(UX) defines how an app feels, from the user’s point of view.

How UI/UX Design Makes Your Mobile App Successful?

To make your app successful, you should provide a pleasurable experience to your users. The key is to accomplish your business goals of creating a brand image, enhance your brand reputation and generate natural traffic and revenue. To achieve the profitable gain, UX design needs comprehensive qualitative feedback in order to motivate the response. It is a right balance of UX and UI that helps you in attracting more natural traffic on your app and also proffer them engaging experience for the long term. In the clutter of mobile applications, user loyalty has become esoteric. If users are comfortable interacting with your mobile app and find it useful as well then you have to strike the right cord with your users.

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Important Aspects of UI/UX Design

  • Use colors, icons, images and buttons that help you in convincing the users and make them familiar with the app.
  • Use simple elements whether in visuals or language
  • Apart from offering an attractive design, offer a design that is easy to use and interact with.
  • Maintain uniformity in UI throughout the app design to ease users in identifying patterns throughout.
  • Visual cues or toggles, gradients and shadows play a vital role when using buttons. It helps in making UI natural even though Gradients and shadows are useful in making attractive 3D buttons and forms as well as effects helps in displaying the element inset or outset.
  • Ensure that app is not cluttered as it reduces the interest of the users as it requires them to spend more time to navigate.

User Experience in the mobile app development process is the most crucial element in engaging the user considering the emotional or transactional response. The ultimate aim of the app is the fulfill the business objectives of generating revenue, traffic and build a brand image.

Once you are ready with a flawless UI/UX design then you will be able to achieve your goal of creating an attractive mobile app. For the success of a mobile application, it is important that the users have an amazing experience while interacting with the app and find it visually appealing. The companies seeking mobile app development must always seek a vendor who can develop a mobile app with the best user experience design and an engaging user Interface. Get in touch with Copper Mobile for mobile app designs that reflect seamless user experience.