Developing thousands of mobile applications based on future-ready technologies and across different platforms, Copper Mobile has gained excellence in digital transformation and mobility enterprise solutions. Read how efficiently and perfectly Copper Mobile has achieved its mission and objectives in the GoodFirms interview.

Copper Mobile – one of the top Digital Transformation Leaders in the world and the finest mobile app development solution providers – is known to harness the power of new-age technologies to solve problems for a vast number of businesses.  

In an interview with GoodFirms, Rupak Lohit, the CEO & Co-Founder of Copper Mobile, shared how the company was established and achieved its desired goals during his entrepreneurial journey. 

Rupak initiates the interview by sharing about the company’s excellence in mobile development solutions. He admits that Copper Mobile is undoubtedly a pioneer in Mobile, Web, and Cloud Operations as it reloads businesses with new energy and capabilities by providing future-ready and cutting-edge mobile and web development solutions. 

By consistently offering the digital-first experience to thousands of businesses, the company has created thousands of simple to critical mobile applications and web products for hundreds of clients worldwide. What catches your attention is their client roster that boasts bootstrapped start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. 

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Rupak proudly acknowledges that the company started its result-driven journey in 2010 and has marked its significant presence in the field of strategy, development, design, quality assistance, support, and project management. According to him, they have established Copper Mobile to revamp the way tech companies are currently meeting the IT industry’s needs.

As the CEO and Co-Founder of the company, he concentrates on building and nurturing scalable, mature, and client-centric IT services that have propelled the company among the leading businesses across North America, Europe, and Asia. He encourages company leaders to build trusted partnerships with their strategic clients by following highly consultative execution, high-quality deliverables, maturity-driven processes, and clear and measurable ROI.

The touch-screen mobile devices propelled a revolution in the technology world, which caught the imagination of three tech giants, Arvind, Aakash, and Rupak, who tried to make the most of this golden opportunity.  

Rupak elaborated on immensely growing mobile technology in the past decade after its significant evolution in the 2000s. It increasingly became the most reliable means of communication, collaboration, and connectivity across the globe. Their decades of experience in mobile technology and operational excellence led to the foundation of Copper Mobile in Dallas in 2010.

“The vision behind incorporating Copper Mobile was to establish it as a leading service provider in mobile technology space and today, we aim to be the most reliable Digital Transformation partners for enterprises in the next 10 years.” Rupak Lohit contemplates. 

Initially, the company was engaged in developing mobile applications only. But today, the company has evolved as a trusted digital transformation service provider; they have changed the face of many businesses with emerging technologies like IoT, AI/ML, AR/VR, Metaverse, Big Data, Cloud Ops, RPA, DevOps, Blockchain, etc.

Well-integrated as per the needs and expectations of its clients, Copper Mobile is a phenomenal Digital Transformation consultant to bring modern, automated, and effective business opportunities to its clients. A strong team of 200+ technologists and consultants work from all of its offices. The team consults, develops, and personalizes their digital journey with the customers on several platforms, including Android, iOS, React, Flutter, Native, Databox, Front-end, Back-end, Cloud & DevOps. As an excellent team of experienced professionals, the consultants work for their clients to fulfill the co-located team model.

The CEO spoke about two unique business models followed by the company:

  1. Project-Based or Turn-Key Business Model: The company acts as an end-to-end technology partner to its clients and works on the Fixed Bid engagement or Time and Material engagement methods.
  1. Team-Based or Team Extension Business Model: When a client holds an in-house team or wishes to extend a team needing the company’s expertise for a specific skill or subject.

Both engagement models are fully agile and transparent to the company’s stakeholders. These models can be understood in detail by directly connecting with their representatives. 

Rupak proudly mentions his firm as different from other companies in diverse ways. They believe in 3P’s approach to success, i.e., People, Process, and Product. Here are the points that make them different from their counterparts:

  • Agile and Flexible approach to work to give successful solutions
  • Consultative approach toward the clients to solve business problems 
  • A tech-agnostic company that practices the right technology for developing the right solutions
  • Trailblazers – The company adopts new technologies and provides advanced solutions in AI, IoT, ML, Big Data, RPA, etc. 

When asked about what industries they cater to, Rupak replied that they believe in setting targets rather than setting boundaries. He agreed with the need for the digital transformation of businesses today. Hence, carry a practical approach to help all levels of their tech partners, from Healthcare, Transportation, Logistics, MRO (Maintenance-Repair-Overhaul/Operations), Automotives, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Utilities, Telecom, Oil and Energy, Education, Finance, Wellness, and Entertainment industries. He thanks his team, the consistent performance of which led the company to witness 60-70% of repetitive customers. 

The company is the top mobile app development company in Dallas on the GoodFirms ranking list. It has always been appreciated for its extraordinary approach to meeting its clients’ expectations.

Mr. Rupak regards them as a team of consultants more than any tech company. He gives all credit to the company’s consultative approach to maintaining long-term relationships to retain the maximum of its customers. They personalize the experience for their customers by involving experienced designers, key advisors, and other professionals by simultaneously suggesting cost-effective solutions and adopting new-age technologies. After dropping a mobile solution, deploying assistance and ongoing support facilities are also provided to help clients continually improve their existing solutions. 

Having a repetitive customer base seems to be the most significant element behind the company’s customer satisfaction. They put their heart and soul into all that the customers expect. The workshop approach, agile proposition, customer touchpoint, and strategic documentation approaches with personalized discussion over the potential solutions and technology innovations are provided to the clients following values and ethics. The company is mainly approached by its valued clientele for the following services:

  • Digital Transformation Solutions
  • Enterprise Web & Mobile App Development Solutions
  • UI/UX Expertise
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Emerging Technologies like AI/ML, AR/VR, IoT, Big Data, and Analytics

Following a 360 degrees communication model, allotting a dedicated project manager for each app development project and allowing clients to directly reach them out for more direct, transparent, and collaborative communication has been the significant pioneer for customer satisfaction in the company. The CEO claims they aim for a 5 Star CSAT score with all our client engagements. For instance, the same can be seen in Goodfirms ratings for Copper Mobile.

Rupak and his team never take any customer query single-handedly. The company follows a client-oriented approach by gathering meetings to understand their needs and requirements before entering into the implementation mode. The clients are provided a post-UAT free warranty and solution documentation to cater to their queries, including the dedicated project managers in the loop.

The payment system followed at Copper Mobile integrates the robust experience into a project, keeping in mind the project’s complexity, functionality, and architecture. Primarily, the company works on two payment models – fixed bids, where the cost is determined based on completing every milestone. The time and material model are where a lot of research is involved with the project, and the project’s cost is determined based on the number of developers deployed and the hours they put in. 

Rupak shared that the project size does not matter in their checklist, but the project quality does. For every potential project, the price starts with $50,000 for small low-complexity MVPs to multi-million dollars for large-scale enterprise engagement. Instead, they always look forward to long-term partnerships with their clients.

“Our prime focus is on strong relationship building in terms of enterprise opportunities,” the CEO affirms. He concludes the interview by adding, “We aim to be the Most Trusted Digital Transformation Services Provider for Enterprise Businesses globally & make the world Future-Ready.” 

This was an excerpt from Rupak Lohit’s interview with GoodFirms. The detailed interview can be glanced at the company’s GoodFirms profile page.