Let’s take a closer look at some of the myths that organizations believe to be true-

Myth No 1: AI would replace workers

The truth is that AI enhances productivity of employees enabling businesses to earn more, connecting with potential clients and giving you an edge over others in the market. For example- If you are a company with a 10 member call center team. By integrating chatbots, you can increase efficiency by two times, you will be able to answer all customer queries, resolve them and convert them. It takes off the additional workload and can be used for further analysis.

The analytics can be to optimize the product or service that you are offering. It would attract more customers. It saves cost, enhances productivity and improves performance.

Myth No 2: Already have analytics and track customers

Artificial intelligence is about unwinding the features that have not been used before based on the customer’ behavior. Customer’s have likes and preferences in a manner that best suits their personal, professional and financial interest.

It is about understanding the mind of the customer and analyzing their previous behavior in order to offer discounts, coupons as it takes into account the likes and preferences of the customer. Customer segmentation is based on their behavior and gives insight on the probable action the customer will take. It helps in targeting the right audience with the right price and offer. It improves the sales for your organization and

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Myth No 3: Automated machine for customers

Chatbots are built to have human conversations and 40% customers like to have their query answered immediately. They are happy to interact with a Chatbot to have their query answered. A well designed Chatbot is capable of grouping queries based on their intent and semantics of the customer question.

Chatbots are designed to track consumer behavior based on which they can recommend products. Consumers prefer to be treated in a special manner by their service provider which is fulfilled by chatbots.


Chatbots are a major breakthrough for Artificial Intelligence as they understand our needs, find answers and make recommendations based on patterns. Chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) that parses texts and learns accordingly. They can transform the interaction from a series of self initiated tasks to a quasi conversation. The power of NLP is such that it breaks down human language into simple keywords, creating a universal means for technology to interact with humans.

Comprehending human language is not easy for a computer but we are building software that can crack the code of human language by identifying various keywords in a sentence and produce the required output known as Chatbots.

Another very important sector where Chatbots benefits the enterprise is Marketing & Sales by collecting, maintaining, refining information on various tools like Salesforce, Hubspot etc. The Chatbot application will be a relief to the marketing team as it is a step closer to full automation.

Furthermore, Chatbots can be integrated into employee workflows as personal assistants with a voice feature that helps in increasing productivity in many ways. Instead of logging into Salesforce and searching for a client, you can just talk to the personal assistant and ask for the required information. This will give you access to customer records, transactions and updates by having a rich dialogue about a customer.

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