How Mobile Apps are Glimmering The Automotive Revolution?

The mobile revolution has a huge impact on the automotive industry. The shift towards mobile apps is indicative of an entirely new landscape- the customers can compare prices, receive notifications, and even redeem discounts, all within a few clicks. A recent study on user preferences in the automotive industry suggested that about 72% of users […]

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Banking Mobile Apps

Online payment through banking Mobile Apps

Developing a Mobile App for the banking industry is a serious undertaking. It can be challenging to take security constraints and all the different technologies into consideration. Features including cybersecurity, online payment solutions authentication, UX/UI, and many others must integrate seamlessly for a banking app to be both functional and competitive. With the increasing number […]

Design thinking in Mobile Apps

Design Thinking in Mobile Apps

Design thinking is nothing new, but the way it’s handled for mobile apps is somewhat different from how it’s done in web and desktop apps. Web and desktop applications don’t use a system of simple designing at all, but focus on “data flow and controls that are doing the work,” according to Erich Gamma, one of […]