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  • Client Overview

    Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, an American nuclear power firm established in 1999, originated from the nuclear power division of the original Westinghouse Electric Corporation. This renowned company specializes in providing a wide range of nuclear products and services to utilities on a global scale. Their offerings encompass nuclear fuel, comprehensive service and maintenance, cutting-edge instrumentation, precise control systems, and expert design solutions for nuclear power plants. Westinghouse Electric Company LLC prides itself on its extensive experience and unwavering commitment to supporting the energy needs of its international clients in the field of nuclear power generation.

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    Business Challenge

    Westinghouse Electric Company faced a significant challenge in managing their field engineers who were responsible for quality control. These engineers needed to monitor electricity supply and demand, inspect equipment, and perform repairs, all while being out in the field. The problem was that there was no efficient way to communicate with them while they were on the job. Assignments were fixed before engineers went out, and changes in priorities were only possible via phone calls. In addition, the data collected from these inspections needed to be processed, reconciled, and analyzed, which was a daunting task due to the volume of information generated.



    To address these challenges, Copper Digital designed and implemented a comprehensive solution. We developed a web-based backend application for managers and a mobile app for both managers and field officers. This application enabled user and workflow management, ensuring that Westinghouse’s established processes were followed. Managers could create and assign tasks with priority to their teams, while field engineers could track their tasks and timelines through the mobile app. Real-time metrics on a web-based project management dashboard provided visibility into the location, status, and capacity of field resources, leading to more efficient resource utilization and cost savings.

    Copper Digital also implemented a push notification engine to update field engineers about project changes instantly. An analytics engine was developed to provide vital project metrics on the management dashboard. A custom data search engine allowed supervisors to access and search through available data and records. Advanced graphical reports facilitated causal analysis in case of project delays. The solution also simplified data migration with import and export capabilities and replaced paper-based processes, further improving cost-efficiency and sustainability for Westinghouse.


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    Copper Digital didn’t just build an app for Westinghouse; we crafted a custom mobility solution tailored to their specific needs. We embedded ourselves within Westinghouse to understand their core processes and pain points. By working closely with field engineers and the operations team, we ensured that our solution effectively addressed their unique challenges. Rigorous quality assurance conducted in collaboration with Westinghouse’s field engineers guaranteed the safety and reliability of the solution. Copper Digital’s solution not only made operations more efficient but also contributed to substantial cost savings, making Westinghouse’s business more sustainable in the process.