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  • Client Overview

    Our Client is a renowned steel construction firm with a rich history spanning over nine decades. As an industry leader, they specialize in designing, fabricating, and constructing steel projects across North America. With an unwavering commitment to client success, the company has contributed to significant construction endeavors and industrial developments throughout the eastern United States.

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    Business Challenge

    Before partnering with Copper Digital, our client faced several challenges in its workforce management and inventory tracking processes. These obstacles significantly hampered their ability to streamline operations and ensure accurate time and effort logging, timesheet approvals, and real-time inventory updates.

    The following were the major problems they encountered:

    • Manual Workforce Management
    • Inefficient Timesheet Approval and Validation
    • Limited Integration with Payroll, Tekla ETA, and Barcode Systems
    • Delayed Inventory Updates in Tekla EPM System

    These business challenges further led the company to encounter an accentuated loss of opportunities and revenue due to fallacious forecasts and estimates. To keep up with the pace of business growth and streamline its operations efficiently, the client sought a robust solution to help simplify and enhance its operational efficiency.

    Dave steel | Copper digital


    Post all the brainstorming sessions, our team of data scientists, software engineers, UI/UX designers, QA testers, and product managers worked closely with the client to strategically lay out a digital transformation plan to solve their challenges.

    Implementation of a Digital Platform:

    • We developed a best-in-class digital platform that included an iPhone App for agents and a separate iPhone App version for supervisors.
    • The platform also incorporated an intuitive Admin Panel, empowering the backend team to manage the ecosystem, create barcodes for the team, and align payroll and workforce management processes.
    • This automated process allowed the team to conveniently log in, register their work hours, and ensure timely payment.

    Seamless User Experience and Branding:

    • We created a highly engaging user experience and journey for the client, following the best business practices.
    • The platform’s user interface was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for agents to log their time and update inventory parts seamlessly.
    • The branding elements were incorporated to reflect the client’s brand identity and create a cohesive and professional experience for agents and supervisors.

    Integration with Third-Party Frameworks:

    • We ensured secure integration of the digital platform with various third-party systems to enhance functionality and streamline processes.
    • Integration with Tekla EPM, Viewpoint, Push Notifications, and Barcode Management systems allowed seamless data exchange and enhanced efficiency.
    • This integration eliminated the need for manual data entry and reduced the chances of errors, enabling the client to leverage the existing systems while benefiting from the enhanced digital platform.

    By leveraging our expertise, our client successfully implemented a digital platform that revolutionized its workforce management, enhanced user experience, and seamlessly integrated with its existing systems, ultimately driving efficiency and improving overall operational performance.


    workforce management solution by copper digital


    Through strategic collaboration with Copper Digital, the client experienced remarkable results, transforming its operations and achieving significant business benefits. The partnership delivered the following outcomes:

    • Implementing the digital platform resulted in a remarkable 40% improvement in workforce management efficiency and ensured accurate timesheet validation and approvals.
    • Real-time inventory updates via the Agent App led to a 25% reduction in inventory discrepancies, while seamless integration with barcode scanning technology improved inventory management efficiency by 35%.
    • Integration with the Viewpoint Payroll system reduced payroll processing time, ensuring timely and accurate payments to agents and minimizing payroll-related errors and disputes by 25%.

    Overall, the partnership with Copper Digital resulted in a substantial increase in operational efficiency for the renowned steel construction company, along with a remarkable increase in customer satisfaction, ultimately unlocking new business opportunities and driving significant growth.