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Here are 5 Must-Read Tech Updates to Stay Updated! Water Activated Paper Disposable Battery has been Developed Electronic waste is becoming the world’s fastest-growing waste stream, and to curb this challenge, Gustav Nyström and colleagues have come up with a biodegradable energy source. With Zinc, graphite, and a paper substrate, this paper battery is activated […]

Benefits of using Internet of Things (IoT) in the Healthcare Industry

Benefits of using Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is morphing the institutional working values as well as analyzing patterns of many industries and sectors, especially in healthcare. IoT in healthcare includes multiple service devices powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. They can collect the data from various sources and store, record, and analyze it. This becomes significant […]

Upcoming IoT Trends to look for in 2021 and Beyond

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IoT is omnipresent in today’s world and is making an impact on our daily lives. IoT has seen significant growth in 2020, and as we are on the verge of 2021, the number of devices installed is only expected to grow. This is quite evident from the stats as well. According to a report by […]

Essentials of IoT in the Application Development Industry

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The Internet of things (IoT) dominates our minds whenever we talk about the most useful and impactful technologies for today’s business scenario and requirements, and rightfully so. Its capabilities to improve services and enhance customer’s experience could drive any sector towards success. Needless to say, it has a significant impact on the application development sector […]

Internet Of Things: Solutions for Different Industries

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The Internet of Things (IoT) helps us understand the context (the time and place of the customer) to identify when we’re confident the customer needs help or an incentive to purchase. Many industries useIoT to understand customer needs in real-time, become more responsive, enhance machine and system quality, etc. Some industries also use IoT to […]

The Union of IoT, Blockchain, and AI

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The Internet of Things (IoT), namely the integration of physical items into the Internet, items like appliances, smart homes, wearables, smart cars, and smart TVs, is increasing exponentially. Businesses have already seen how they can benefit from building apps specifically for uses such as Android Auto Apps or smartwatches. Of course, with growth comes some […]